Get to know us

In 2017, it is impossible to maintain any kind of mystique or mystery. Gone are the days where corporations hid under layers of legalese as well as policies that they termed private and confidential. The internet has made us more accessible than ever and it is up to us to make sure that our customers and clients have a good idea of the company they are giving their money to.

To begin with, we are primarily a gaming company. While our goal is to make the net big video game that will ring the cash registers, we also have to make sure that our company’s balance sheets are breaking even, at the very least. So, here are a few things about us so you can get to know us better!

  1. You know those annoying maze games that your friends are asking you to join? We make them.
  2. Our company employs underprivileged youth who have a keen eye for gaming and software.
  3. We try our best to make sure that your offices are run on clean energy to reduce our carbon footprint
  4. The games we use, go through a tough testing process – and by this, we mean female gamers – to make sure that we are not perpetuating any stereotypes that could put our female users in any danger
  5. Our team is, for now, the <35 age group. We hope that we can remain cool and relevant even if we do cross this demographic.
  6. We process every single complaint that comes to us – even if it is something small.
  7. We have an active social media team that monitors all your feedback and comments. We use this to improve our games, add features, and develop new ideas.

If there’s more you want to know, do get in touch or follow us online, we’ll be happy to get to know you!